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Our Alterations

At Top Alterations & Dry Cleaning we offer high quality alterations and dry cleaning services for your garments. Whether you are a new or existing customer are professional team can offer affordable alterations to have you looking your best for you next Melbourne event.

We can provide you with the following alterations services:


If you have a special occasion or just simply can’t find anything you like or fit well, our expert tailor from Top Alterations & Dry Cleaning can work with you to make something you love. *Customers will need to supply their own fabric.

General Alterations – Shorten/Lengthen Hems

  • Most pant hems will be shortened within ½ hour
  • We can shorten your jeans with the original hem
  • We will shorten skirts and dresses, with or without lining
  • We can shorten any blazers, jackets and coats even when there are zips and buttons which need moving
  • We Lengthen your t shirts, sleeves, jackets, pants if you have outgrown them
  • Have your shirt and jacket sleeves shortened so that they look "tailor made"
  • Join our reward system and after 9 alterations with us, we will shorten one regular pant hem for free.

Zip Repair

At Top Alterations & Dry Cleaning we will sew in zips and replace old zips on just about anything you can think of. Bags, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, cushion covers, baby suits, and suits, jackets / leather jackets and many other garments.


We will name your garments or add a logo to clothing, towels etc. using our Embroidery service.

Replace Buttons

  • We can repair any buttons that are lose or have fallen off  
  • We can make extra the button holes if you need them
  • We will replace broken jean studs
  • We can arrange for a variety of studs and eyelets to be replaced

Patch Holes/Tears

  • We can patch and reinforce your favourite pants that are worn
  • If you have torn jeans, pants or other garments, we will consult with you to patch the garment. Our special techniques means no one can tell

Leather Items

  • We professionally alter leather clothes
  • We replace broken linings, pockets, zips
  • We can shorten and lengthen hems, sleeves, taper shoulders to suit you.

Renew Your Old Wardrobe

If you have any 'old' loved clothes in your wardrobe or you like the fabric, but no the style or fit? Bring them to us and our staff can remodel them.

Samples / One Offs

Do you want to make a Prototype of a bag? New fashion line? Then come and see Top Alterations & Dry Cleaning. We are able to make you the samples if you have the imagination.

Home Wares

Curtains, quilt covers, table’s clothes, cushions. Our skilled professionals from Top Alterations & Dry Cleaning can take care of many of your specific home ware requirements.

For more information about our alterations, specials and services, please contact Top Alterations & Dry Cleaning today.

Mention This Website Today & Receive 10% Off Your Alterations

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